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Hello friends, welcome to another blog. This blog has all the neseccary information an Indian would need before he/she integrates completely into the German society. I am sure all of you must have heard the famous saying “Be a Roman when in Rome” , the blog is based on this saying.

1) Always be on time! Germans are really strict when it comes to being punctual or “Pünktlichkeit” as a German would say. Coming late is considered to be extremely rude – so when you have an appointment better be there five minutes earlier!

2) Respect the red lights ! How do you spot a German pedestrian in a foreign country? They are always the ones waiting for the traffic light to turn green while everyone else just keeps walking on. Germans love rules and obeying them. So even when it’s the middle of the night and there is no car to be seen, a German will stand on the footpath and wait for the green light. You should do so as well – you will be forced to pay a fine if you get caught ignoring the red light!

3) Recycle all your garbage. Germans have a complex system of recycling, which leads to everyone having four different garbage bins at home. There is a whole system for recycling plastic bottles. Whenever you buy a plastic bottle, there is a small extra charge on it, called Pfand. When returning the bottle to the store, you get your Pfand back to make sure that most of the plastic gets recycled.

4) Love nature? This goes hand in hand with the recycling habit. Not that you have helped saving the environment by putting your paper and your glass in two different bins, but go for a walk or cycle around your town, have a barbecue in the nearest park or your garden. A day where you haven’t been enjoying some fresh air is just a wasted day.

5) Be direct. Germans don’t like small-talk. If something is bothering them or they want you to do something, they will tell you directly. Meanwhile, they will expect you to do the same. Don’t let this make you think Germans are rude.

6) Have a lazy Sunday? Due to Sunday being originally the day where everyone went to church, every shop closes down on Sundays. So there is not much to do, except to go for a walk or visit one of the many museums Germany offers.

7) Drink beer and enjoy a sausage. In average, every German person drinks around 100 litres of beer each year. Many Germans go for a so called ‘Feierabendbier” (After work beer) before heading home after work. And what would go better with a beer than a sausage? Germans have invented more than 1500 different types of sausages. While you can nowadays get the most common once everywhere in Germany, they traditionally used to be specific to one area, as you can still see on the names, for example ‘Frankfurter’ are a kind of sausage that comes from the area around Frankfurt.

8) Learn to love long words ?Germans love building compound words. Which is basically a mash up of as many nouns as you can think of. The most amazing thing about this is, that no matter how long the word gets, it still makes perfect sense to a German. But don’t worry – many words resemble English words.

9) Get your qualifications sorted. After that, acquire some more qualifications, Germans are all about certificates and degrees. If you can’t prove your skills with a document, you might as well have no skills at all.

10) Be organized ! A thing Germans love even more than inventing and sticking to rules, is organizing everything around them. They don’t just meet up – this requires three group chats, five calender’s to be juggled and concrete plans on timing and activities. Before that, they won’t even leave their house.

Hope all of you have slightly become German after reading this blog. Stay tuned for more blogs from us ! Until then take care and auf wiedersehen.