5 Most Luxurious Cities In Germany

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While living costs are more or less the same wherever you go in Germany, there is one factor influencing your living costs: Rent. This varies widely between German cities. With renting costs rising and rising, politicians are trying to put an end to that trend – so far without any real results. Most people coming from abroad to Germany probably think that Berlin, as the capital, would be the most expensive city to live in, however, this is not true. Here is a list with the most expensive cities to move to at the moment, that might surprise you!

The most expensive city you can move to in Germany is, without a doubt, Munich, the capital of the state Bavaria. Munich is not only famous for the Okoberfest, the biggest beer festival in Germany, but also for the extremely high rents you need to pay: In average, you pay more than 15 Euro (1200 Rupees) for one square meter per month. Nethertheless, it enjoys a very high standard and quality of living, ranking first in Germany! So even if the costs are scarring you away, make sure to visit at least for a weekend trip.

The second place is Frankfurt, the fifth biggest city in Germany. Frankfurt is the financial hub of Germany. One of the reasons for that is that the European Central Bank has its office here, along with the head quarters of the biggest banks in Germany such as Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank. Renting one square meter will cost you an average of 13.5 Euro (1000 Rupees).

Close up to Frankfurt is Stuttgart, where you will need to pay an average of 13 Euros (1040 Rupees) per square meter per month. Not only is Stuttgart the sixth biggest city in Germany, several major auto mobile companies such as Porsche or Mercedes Benz have their headquarters here.

Ingolstadt is on the fourth place. While this city is not as widely known as the other three, it is still famous for a few things: Firstly, it is the headquarters of the German automobile manufacturer Audi and the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. On a more cultural note, Ingolstadt is known for being the place where the monster in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is being created. Renting one square meter will cost you 11.8 Euro (944 Rupees).

The fifth most expensive city is Mainz, the capital of the state Rhineland-Palatinate. Mainz is widely known for being the place were Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press. One square meter will cost you around 11.5 Euro (920 Rupees).

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