About Us

We are a German Edutech startup, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. We cater to the needs and wants of students by disrupting the age old traditional higher educations process done by consultants and agencies.
We help students realize their dreams by having a transparent and streamlined process by being the the one stop shop for all your requirements to Germany.
Educaro helps in facilitating German Language classes, University applications, Job assistance, Visa dossier assistance and an end to end transit management to Germany.

Our Product

How It Works?

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    Enrollment and Verification

    Just to ensure we get an upper hand about you to paramount our success story in india being a German startup, We would go through a scrutinized KYC Verification and Background check. Each application will be contacted upon qualifying our preliminary assessment for a face to face meet and greet.

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    Selected partner will be inducted officially into the Educaro system for a complete transparent and streamlined process. After which the product induction will be done along with branding and marketing strategies. Once completed, the affiliate partner will receive a welcome kit with all deliverables from Educaro.

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    Promote Educaro

    Now make the most of it by being a advocate of the brand by helping students/working professionals realize the German dream. Target – Family members, Friends and Friends of friends to entrench your appeal being an affiliate partner by curating the demand and interest towards Germany.

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    We are over enthralled to pay you for your stupendous contribution towards making us reach new heights in India. That’s why you are definitely part of Educaro’s success story in the news! Commercials:Sale of German Language Class – 5% of product value = 900INRSale of University Applications – 7.5% of product value = 2000INR (Average 4 Applications)Sale of German National Visa – 5% of product value = 1500INRSale of Tourist Visa – 10% of product value – 500INRAverage commission from 1 customer = 4,400INR || Average Monthly Sales – 22,000INR (5 Customers)

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