Bachelor Degree


Bachelor studies create the ground for a first professional degree. It is the gateway to a company or the first degree before continuing studies. The duration of studies is generally six semesters (sometimes seven or eight). This cycle includes at least 180 credit points (or 210, 240). The Bachelor’s degree, whatever the type of high school that has granted it, gives access to Master’s courses in the same branch of study in all universities. For those seeking a teaching teacher position: the Master is absolutely necessary.

Thanks to the good professional prospects it offers, the program of studies in the Bachelor system gives you the skills and the bases of professional scientific works. It is a way of specializing you to prepare your entry to the job market and to make appropriate linguistic and social skills. In many Bachelor programs you need to do an internship: The colleges (Fachhochschulen) are strongly focused on the practice which is favored by the internships from which they reserve you a semester to do an internship. This seems to be a dispute within the university where one can do an internship only during the semester holidays.