Applying for a Job – The Right Way

EducaroWork in Germany

You have to consider some things when preparing your candidature file in Germany. The letter of motivation needs to be refined but not too long. In Germany, usually a photo is attached to the file. Spell-check and try to keep all the papers in order.

If you found a good job posting for this job and you want to be successful in your job interview, you must leave a good first impression at the company thanks to the condidature file. Mention specially the skills required for the position as well as your qualities and successes.

Whatever manuscript or typed with the arrival of digital, an application file consists of:

  • A cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates (vocational or university)


With the letter of motivation, you introduce yourself to the company. You can explain your motivation for this job. You should also present your skills and explain that you are ideal for this job. It is important to carefully read the job offer announcement to find out what qualifications are required by the company and what tasks should be performed for that job. Ask yourself if you meet the requirements of this job. The essential qualifications are the essential part of the announcement. Find out about the company. So you’re ready to write the cover letter.


With the CV (Curriculum Vitae) you present your education, your knowledge and your skills. A German CV is in table form with different categories like:

  • Personal data
  • Language skills
  • Personal interests


  • Only information that is relevant to the job should be mentioned.
  • There must be no gaps in the CV.


In the application file you can also add copies of school diplomas. If you also have an internship certificate, it must be present in the file.


Choose a serious, neutral and informative portrait. Pictures of holidays or private have an annoying effect. On the picture one only has to see the head, neck and torso no more.