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If you are a graduate of a German university or a specialized college, you have good chances in the German job market. What are the steps needed to find a job? 


A diploma obtained from a German university can open the doors for foreign graduates on the German labor market. What do you need to do?

Foreign graduates in a German university may extend the visa until 18 months after obtaining their residence to find a job in the field of their studies. Meanwhile, you can work as much as you want. The 18 months start from the publication of the results of the examinations. If you want to work in Germany after completing your studies, you should start to find out about your chances of hiring in the German job market and what opportunities you have during the last semester. The 18 months will pass very fast.


Before starting your job search, make sure of your interests and skills. You are forced to be self-critical and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I do ?
  • What do I want?
  • What is it possible to do?

Many graduates are only looking for jobs that correspond only to what they have done in school and feel that their jobs will be in line with their level of education. But it is better to be ready to look farther than the tip of the nose. One great fault that one can commit is to be obtuse when one concentrates only on one domain. Who reads job postings, finds that companies often look for people with specific skills, not with some degree.


Find out in detail about all options in different fields and companies: Job fairs for graduates and students are excellent, to gather information and make contacts. The purpose of these shows is to Employers and businesses to facilitate the recruitment of graduates. The concept of job fairs is thus to bring students closer to the professional world, help them to better build their professional future and thus be in line with the needs of the labor market. You will often find all the information about these shows on Billboards in universities. The Career Center at each university helps you with orientation and integration into your professional life. They support students and graduates during the transition from university to work as their role in providing support to students throughout their studies. The Career Center will also help you analyze the situation and the best opportunities for your careers. In addition they control the files of candidature, they organize information sessions and invite companies that present themselves for the graduates and the students. There are also countless pages on the internet that publish job ads can help you find a job.


Without the knowledge of the German language, the possibilities are very limited in the labor market. Speaking German is an added value to succeed in your professional future. In addition, German is an asset for your careers because it facilitates the contact with your colleagues of work and also allows to flourish the communication with your entourage.


  • Start early with your job search!
  • Discover your interests and skills!
  • Do not limit research areas!
  • Take advantage of all the possibilities to find job ads!
  • The German language is very important for your future !!!