Applying for a Job – The Right Way

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You have to consider some things when preparing your candidature file in Germany. The letter of motivation needs to be refined but not too long. In Germany, usually a photo is attached to the file. Spell-check and try to keep all the papers in order. If you found a good job posting for this job and you want to be … Read More

Career in Germany

EducaroWork in Germany

If you are a graduate of a German university or a specialized college, you have good chances in the German job market. What are the steps needed to find a job?  SEARCH FOR A JOB IN GERMANY A diploma obtained from a German university can open the doors for foreign graduates on the German labor market. What do you need … Read More

Little Jobs for your Studies in Germany

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With a part time work in Germany, you have the opportunity to improve your budget. This activity is not only lucrative, it is also an important means to facilitate your integration in Germany. You can better learn German and you have the opportunity to discover Germany, to know its culture and to know better about the economic and daily life. … Read More