Münster is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is also capital of the local government region Münsterland. Today it is known as the bicycle capital of Germany.

Münster gained the status of a Großstadt (major city) with more than 100,000 inhabitants in 1915. There are 300,000 people living in the city currently. About 55,500 of them are students, only some of whom are recorded in the official population statistics as having their primary residence in Münster.

Costs of Living

Lunch with a drink: 10€
Fast Food Menu: 7€
Rent for a furnished apartment of 45m^2 in a residential area: 590€
Designer Jeans (f.ex. Levi’s): 80€
Summer Dress (ZARA, H&M): 30€
Monthly card for public transportation: 71€
Taxi for 8km: 15€
Cinema for 2: 20€
1 Cocktail in a club: 7€
Cappuccino: 2,50€
500ml beer in a bar: 3,70€
1 month gym membership: 30€


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