Koblenz: A Hidden Gem in Germany

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Koblenz might not be the first city that comes to mind when you are planning a trip around Germany,but it is definitely worth a visit. Koblenz is a middle-sized city in Rhineland-Palatinate, with 113.000 inhabitants. There are two big rivers going through Koblenz: the Rhine and Moselle. One of the most visited places is probably the ‘Deutsche Eck’ (literally translated German Corner) where those two rivers meet and the Moselle joins the Rhine. If you have looked at the rivers long enough, turn around and you will see a giant statue of William I, the first German Emperor, sitting on a horse. This statue has been erected in 1897 but got destroyed in the second world war. However, a replicate has been put there in 1993. You can walk up some stairs on the statue to enjoy a look from above.

Standing at the Deutsche Eck and looking towards the river Rhine, you can see the fortress


There is a cable car going up to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, which I would recommend you to take – it offers fantastic views not only over the old town quarter but also the two river valleys.


Once you have gone up, why not use the chance to go into one of the many museums that are in the fortress. This will, for example, give you the opportunity to learn everything about the history of the fortress. After travelling back down and once again enjoying the wonderful view, we suggest you keep walking upwards the Rhine. The whole area has been polished up for the federal garden show in 2011, but you will also see the ‘Kurfürstliche Schloss’ (Electoral Palace) on the right side. If you are starting to feel tired, there is always a chance to enjoy the boat trip on the Rhine. There are several options to choose, and it is a nice way of sitting down and still having someone explain all the details about Koblenz! After that, don’t forget to have a walk through the old city quarter. There are loads of restaurants and pubs there, where you can have dinner or lunch and maybe grab a drink. My favourite place to go is ‘Egelosia’ where you can get the best ice cream in town. But be prepared to wait for it, if it is peak hours, you might need to wait for at least 15 minutes.

Another nice thing about Koblenz is that it is located right in the heart of the wine growing district, so there is always an opportunity to go and enjoy a wine tasting or go on a hike through the wine yards. The most famous is the white wine, so you can’t go wrong with ordering that when you are out!


Right outside of Koblenz the two places I would recommend you to see are Schloss Stolzenfels, a former medieval fortress castle, which is actually part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley. But this is really just one of the many castles that are in the area around Koblenz, so if you have time to spare, have a look at the other ones as-well ! If you have seen enough culture and are more interested into nature, you have to check out the Andernach Geyser. It is the biggest coldwater geyser in Europe and reaches to a height of 60 meters. We recommend you to experience this when it is warm, since you risk getting wet!


Lastly, Koblenz is also home to a University. Its focus is mostly on teacher education, but there are also two international courses for those coming from abroad (Master of Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems and Master of Web Science).
And even if you come to realise you have seen everything there is to see – other big cities like Cologne, Trier or Mainz are close by and easy to reach.
We hope all of you are inspired by the beauty and sights of Koblenz. Stay tuned for another blog coming out soon. #Wanderlust#Travel is life #Educaro #Germany