TU München

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) (German: Technische Universität München) is a research university with campuses in Munich, Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan. It is a member of an incorporated society of the largest and most notable German institutes of technology called T9.

13 Nobel laureates, 19 Leibniz Prize winners and 10 IEEE Fellow Members graduated at TUM and are part of the great alumni network.
TUM’s academic faculties are divided amongst three campuses in the greater Munich area. There is a main campus in central Munich, a second large campus in Garching about 10km north of Munich. The third campus is in the north of Munich in Weihenstephan. In the last years, many research institutes such as the Max Planck Society or the Bavarian Academy of Science became part of the network.

The TU Munich is very well-known for its excellent education in technical as well as scientific subjects.

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Well-known for the following subjects

– Science
– Engineering


Member of the T9 Technical Universities of Germany


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