The Best Paid Jobs In Germany

Sumit VermaMiscellaneous

Germany is a wealthy country and so you get plenty of options to find a well-paid job, as foreigners might think. On the one hand you might be right, but on the other the life expenses are quiet in balance with the average salary. There is a wide middle class and a minimum wage of 8.50 EUR, which helps providing a liveable standard.
But you clicked this post because you wanted to know about the best paid jobs, so let me get started. I won’t tell you anything about bankers, lawyers and doctors having the best average salary. So let’s get to them later.
Basically there are 2 types of education systems in Germany. One would be the in-firm training, which you can complete as an undergraduate, whilst the other obviously would be academic studies.
The in-firm training, generally speaking just provides you the knowledge to pursue a technical/manual career, so if you want to hit the jackpot, you are quiet wrong here. Nevertheless there are two noteworthy jobs which let you earn a decent amount of money.

That would be the pilot (Well who knew.) with an average salary of about 63,000 EUR and the air traffic controller (yeah, you will only have to work on an airport) with a salary of about 67,000 EUR. But I don’t want you to aspire to be working here, because as you already know, these jobs are only given to the best of the best.
For comparison, the salary with an average in-firm training amounts to 15,000 – 20,000 EUR.

Now let’s move on to where to get the big money. That’s what we all want, right? (At least the people, who click a post like this. Yeah, you’re one of them.)
Let’s assume that you made it to the top and work as an associate of an investment bank. As it is a well-kept secret, what these people earn, there are only reference values to be told. To be part of a big-investment bank you want to be in Frankfurt, the finance centre of Germany. It is home to many international banks and the biggest investment-banks, like Goldman-Sachs, Deutsche bank, the Lehman Brothers and more.
As an associate in the 3rd year you make around 125,000 – 145,000 EUR for a basic salary. This amount can enormously increase with your skill and effort. But this is an even more well-kept secret about which there are only guesses.

Let’s talk about Lawyers and judges now. Yes, they make good money (but nobody talks about the 6-8 year studies and the constant fighting, which they have to face to remain their position). As a lawyer you have to be patient.
The boarding salary of a small law firm is around 26,000 – 39,000 EUR, whereas a medium-sized law firm doubles that amount to around 50,000 – 80,000 EUR.
But these dimensions are completely different, once your big day has come and you start working as a business lawyer, your boarding salary will be around 100,000 EUR, the profit participation is not even included yet.
This will exponentially rise, the more important you get (You don’t say?). At the top, you have the international partners, where it’s not uncommon to make around 700,000 EUR. But let’s not get into all the struggles (and the “evil” decisions) they have to face during their way up the career ladder.
Compared to that, a judge is quiet low-key. A local judge earns around 50,000 EUR, while a state judge makes around twice to triple that amount. But there are some “German benefits” of being a judge though. These range from family and stationary (yeah, eastern Germany still sucks) bonuses to a comparatively small work-load.
So now, that you know where to hit the jackpot, go out in this evil world, take some other man’s money, double it, use it to make everything even worse and lean back while you look at the money raining in, as you finally hit the top of the food chain.

PS: Yes, maybe all of you might think of politicians. But the sobering truth is, that these people have a well-regulated salary, which makes it impossible for them to earn more than 150,000 EUR (that’s Angela Merkel’s salary). Here the black figures, such as bribery, corruption and lobbying will make the huge difference, but let’s not touch that subject.