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Yourstory- German startup Educaro helps students and young professionals make a hassle-free entry into Germany

Founded by Christian Sassin and Leon Schneider it is a one-stop-shop for students and young professionals aiming for careers in Germany.

Planning your studies and a career abroad is a time-consuming and often stressful affair. Especially for countries like Germany, with strong language barriers and most of the universities still only offering German-speaking courses, a well-planned outline is a prerequisite. From registering for a language course, writing your application to going to the embassy to attend your mandatory interviews and finally booking your tickets, it can be a lot of trouble and work.

One-stop-shop solution for students and young professionals

Founded by Christian Sassin and Leon Schneider, German startup Educaro is a one-stop-shop for students and young professionals aiming for careers in Germany.

“Students request aid with a visa dossier. We proof-read it and suggest changes. People not conversant with German as a language ask for advice on their CV or Letter of Motivation for the embassy. Our writers collect data from the students and together they craft the applications.

Opening a bank account in Germany, insurance contracts – the service portfolio kept growing organically,” says Christian, Co-Founder of Educaro. In 2015 the first Educaro language school was opened in Tunisia after the German embassy in Tunis as well as other German partners raised complaints about the language qualification of the applicants.

Today Educaro is offering services along the entire value chain.

The unique feature: As the client progresses along the value chain, Educaro’s services change accordingly. From language classes and visa/university application support over an inscription in German schools and the facilitation of housing and insurance contracts to a full-fledged immigration service to actually become a member of German society, Educaro has